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Specialist Carers come from a variety of different walks of life and levels of experience. Meet some our carers below and find out what made them want to become loving foster parents for children with disabilities...

Ant & Jinny

Both teaching assistants at their local special needs school, Anthony & Jinny have been keen to foster from their experiences raising their own son with complex needs, who has exceeded the developmental expectations of professionals involved.

"We've always thought about fostering, but we just though that now it's the right time for it. We have a great support network of friends and family who would love to be involved with an addition to our family and we know a lot of other foster carers! We live in a fantastic area for children and our house is perfectly suited for another child with special needs."

Andy & Martin

Andy runs (and loves having) a busy household and was keen to open her brilliant adapted home to other children with additional needs after raising their daughter with Down's syndrome. Martin is a local postman but takes an active role, attending regular training to provide for their fostered children.

"Our decision to foster was a big one as we're already a big family; fostering would have a big effect on all of their lives. The wait to be approved and to finally match with a child was a long one,  but it was definitely worth it in the end and all of the family absolutely love them! He's just like another little brother and everyone's really happy."

Taz & Tayyab

Tazbila and Tayyab had a spare room and previous experience looking after their own child who had a sensory impairment, so jumped at the chance to welcome another child with special needs to their home.

"We didn't really have much experience working with children or with people with disabilities until we had our son. As new parents, we went on a few parenting courses that helped us to understand how our child would be developing, his dietary needs, when he should be approaching milestones... Looking back now, that's what made us stronger parents; we became his voice and now he is doing so well. There were a number of reasons that we wanted to become foster carers but the main reason was that we wanted to make a difference to another child with disabilities, and with Credo Care, we are able to do just that."

Liz & Neal

With Liz's 15-year background in education as a Learning Support Assistant and Neal's knowledge and experience of the world of fostering and adoption, they knew from the moment that they met that they would like to foster a child with disabilities.

"Not long after we first met, we agreed that fostering was something that we would love to do. We were drawn to Credo Care as they specialise in foster placements for children with disabilities. We both feel that fostering a child with a disability was the right choice for us, as these children have so much to give that can often be overlooked by many."

David & Andrew

David and Andrew are long time carers who transferred to Credo Care after their first experience caring for children with severe disabilities. They loved the idea of helping these very special children develop and meet milestones, and had no issues working closely with medical professionals.

"We got into disability fostering because we were asked to take on a child on with severe disabilities. Mum had walked in with a four-month-old child in her arms, placed him in mine, and from that moment we were hooked. He was expected to live on for about a year, but in fact lived until he was seven-and-a-half. At that point, we took stock and thought that we really couldn't just move on from what he has taught us; we needed to use that somehow. So, we started the process with Credo Care, and decided to do it full-time."

"You start to see them relax, enjoy themselves and they start to trust you. It's the most wonderful thing to see them relax when there's a procedure to be done - we've had one little girl who was particularly close to Andrew; it would all come very naturally. You can't buy that sort of thing, you can't be paid for that sort of thing... It's very special to the heart and we're very grateful for those times. "

Kim & Clive

Kim works for a children's hospice looking after children with special needs and Clive grew up with a family member with a disability. After their experience with their daughter, they felt like they had a lot more to give and decided to apply to foster children with additional needs.

"We've been fostering for nearly two years and we've never looked back. It's been a really positive thing to do; we have so much more to give to other children so we thought, 'Why not carry on giving it?'"

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About Credo Care

Credo Care was established in 2000 as the UK's first independent fostering agency specialising in the care of children with disabilities, complex medical needs and learning difficulties.

Our goals are to raise the standards of disability care for children, reduce the financial burden of long-term residential and hospice care on local authorities and to ensure that becoming a foster parent is a positive and rewarding experience for all of our carers.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

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