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Credo Care established the Beaumont-Grainger Award in 2006 to recognise excellence in foster care for children with disabilities and/or complex medical needs.

The award is given in memory and appreciation of two of our original foster carers, Carol Beaumont and Tony Grainger, who contributed greatly towards the development of our unique service.

In addition to the Foster Carers of the year, awards are also distributed in the following categories in each of our regions:

  • Support Worker of the Year
  • Credo Care Employee of the Year
  • A Care Professional independent of the organisation, who has shown the highest level of care and commitment to children placed with us.
  • Long Service Awards for 5 years, 10 years and 15 years of service.

2018 Winners

Carer (East): Emma & Jon Hall

Carers (Midlands): Jacqui Bryan & Lee Anderton

Carer (South): Stewart O'Donnell

Support Worker (East): Teri Page

Support Worker (Midlands): Caroline Askoul

Support Worker (South): Jo Jedrek

External Professional (East): Helen Humphrey, Clinical Nurse Specialist 

External Professional (Midlands): Christina Darbyshire-Jones, Local Authority Social Worker

External Professional (South): Claire Osborn, Independent Social Worker

Staff Member: Tyler Oiller, Regional Administrator - South

15 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Christine & Stephen Hopkins

10 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Julie & Robin Nixon, Stewart O'Donnell, Tazbila Shafi & Mohammad Tayyab

10 Years of Service (Staff): Sarah Collier, Supervising Social Worker

5 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Nicola Dark, Lianne Ketley

5 Years of Service (Support Workers): Annette Sibbons, Tina Richards

2017 Winners

Carers (Midlands): Carl Hall and Sarah Taylor

Carer (South): Sue Buckley

Support Worker (Midlands): Kelly Webb

Support Worker (South): Karen Jarvis

External Professional (Midlands): Dr. Martin Samuels, Consultant Paediatrician

External Professional (South): Dr. Dionysios Grigoratos, Consultant Paediatrician

Staff Member: Sophie McDowell, Learning Coordinator

15 Years of Service (Foster Carers): David Upjohn and Andrew Daniels

10 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Serena & Doug Nolan

10 Years of Service (Support Workers): Natalie Vickers (Support Worker)

5 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Lea & Andy Neaves, Margot & Steve Vince 

5 Years of Service (Support Workers): Lauren Ketley, Susie Goodbody, Naomi Nixon, Jo Jedrek, James Shaw, Heidi Fearnall

2016 Winners

Carers (Midlands): Wendy & James Shanley

Carers (South): Anthony & Janine Goodsell

Support Worker (Midlands): Martin Fox

Support Worker (South): Lianne Ketley

External Professional (Midlands): Sharon Pennell, Independent Social Worker

External Professional (South): Nicki Thiemicke, Paediatric Outreach Practitioner

Staff Member: Kate Green, Office Manager (Midlands)

10 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Sue Ketley

10 Years of Service (Support Workers): Caroline Askoul

5 Years of Service (Foster Carers): Andrea Coat & Martin Reppington, Gerri McDermottroe & Brian Donlan 

2015 Winners

Carers (Midlands): Sarah & Jamie Reed

Carers (South): Chris & Steve Hopkins

Support Worker (Midlands): Heidi Fearnall

Support Worker (South): Tina Richards

External professional (Midlands): Paul Brett

External professional (South): Carly Beadle

Staff Member: Carolyn Morton, Finance Administrator

10 Years of Service: Emma Tonge & Scott Dumigan, Michael & Julia Beck, Sally Wood & Ken Large

5 Years of Service: Angie & Elaine Hill, Andrea & Desmond Parkinson, Dot & David Brownlie, Julie & Robin Nixon, Kim & Clive Haffenden, Leah Stewart, Serena & Doug Nolan, Stewart O'Donnell, Sue Ketley, Herbie & Becky Billingham, Jon & Di Charlton, Lee Anderton & Jacqui Bryan, Mohammed & Tazbila Shafi, Pete & Jo Stevens

2014 Winners

Carers (Midlands): John & Di Charlton

Carers (South): Nicola Dark (with a commendation and recognition for Lea Cork)

Support Worker (Midlands): Dennis Simmons

Support Worker (South): Mary Mann

External professional (Midlands): Charlotte Pittaway

External professional (South): Clare Minchin

Staff Member: Lorna Miller, PA to Head of Operations

2013 Winners

Carers (Midlands): Herbie & Becky Billingham

Carers (South): Dot & David Brownlie

Support Worker (Midlands): Julie Chaterley

Support Worker (South): Carolyn Askoul

External professional (Midlands): Sally Hutton

External professional (South): Anita Perkins

Staff Member: Sarah Collier, Supervising Social Worker & Karen Karpuz, Placements Support Worker

2012 Winners

Carers (Midlands): John & Elaine Mugleston

Carers (South): Julie & Robin Nixon

External professional (Midlands): Ali Harison

External professional (South): Debbie Kibbler

Staff Member: Lisa Watson-Howland, Senior Practitioner

2011 Winners

Carers (Midlands): Jane Lee

Carers (South): Emma Tonge & Scott Dumigan

External professional: Berni Stringer

Staff Member: Rachael Gosbee, Administration Team Leader

2010 Winners

Carers: Tazbila Shafi and Mohammed Tayyab

External professional: Prabha Shetty

Staff Member: Roy Hipkiss, Director of Care and Business Development

2008/9 Winners

Carers: Sally Wood

External professional: Chris Fagan

Staff Member: Vickijo Walker, Team Clerk

2007 Winners

Carers: Donna Goudie

External Professional: Jane Sedgwick & Sarah Davies

2006 Inaugural Award Winners

Carers: David Upjohn and Andrew Daniels

External Professional: Belinda Lockett

Staff Member: Linda Kingsman, Support Work Coordinator


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Credo Care was established in 2000 as the UK's first independent fostering agency specialising in the care of children with disabilities, complex medical needs and learning difficulties.

Our goals are to raise the standards of disability care for children, reduce the financial burden of long-term residential and hospice care on local authorities and to ensure that becoming a foster parent is a positive and rewarding experience for all of our carers.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

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