Welcome to our new website!

After a lot of work, our new website is finally ready. You have probably noticed that we have decided to adopt a new look. The style has been created to fit with two new animations which you find on this site which help to explain what we do in a very brief time! All of these were hand-drawn images that were filmed with a voiceover, which we edited down into something that we are very proud of. Even our staff have been caught up in the new style and have their own caricatures which you can see on the Meet the team page.

The animations both tell the story of Daniel, an 11 year old with Cerebral Palsy and high medical needs. He lives in a residential home, until Sharon, the commissioner for his Local Authority gets in contact with Credo Care in order to find a loving and professional foster home. Credo Care match Daniel with Debbie and Chris, recently approved carers who are ready to take a child with disabilities into their home. Debbie is a teaching assistant at a special needs school and has wanted to use her skills and experiences at home in a family environment. Credo Care did all of the work organising the placement relieving Daniel's Social Worker, Veejay, from the stress of a placement move. Debbie and Chris attended regular training suited to Daniel's needs, and Veejay was amazed at the fantastic outcomes that they provided for Daniel.

While the characters in these stories were fictional, they are based on real cases that Credo Care has helped with and are committed to continue to provide. We feel that these animations really do get across what we do at Credo Care so we hope that you give them a watch!