A Roaring Success at Hamerton Zoo Park

Our east team held their first event of the summer at Hamerton Zoo Park in Huntingdon on 31st July 2021. This was the first of four summer events hosted throughout the UK dedicated to Credo Care's foster families in celebration of our 21st birthday.

Kicking off at 11am, our foster families and staff spent a lovely day viewing the rare, endangered and unusual animals at the Zoo. This was followed by a picnic lunch of sandwiches, birthday cake and a summer favourite of strawberries & cream.

The picnic provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to catch up and enjoy the birthday celebrations within the beautiful grounds. 

Charlotte said, "Thanks so much for the great Credo celebration day. Being so new to Credo it was lovely to meet the other families and staff in person. It was so obvious to see that Credo staff have a great relationship between each other and it’s made me feel really positive that I am also a part of that, and that I’ve been made so welcome. Becky added, "It was just so nice to see everyone and also to meet people for the first time . I think days like this really do make a difference to us all and our well-being and made us feel so positive. Suzannah added, "Massive thanks to you all for organising such a lovely day today. The zoo was brilliant! It was really good to see everyone and so generous of you to lay everything on (including lunch and the fab goodie bags - which are going to come in very handy!)". 

Our staff work incredibly hard with our foster carers on a daily basis, so it was lovely to see their hard work and preparation for the event be received so positively. Louise, the event organiser said, "It was so lovely to catch up with our foster families. Due to Covid-19, we haven't been able to have a day out together since 2019, so this meant our birthday celebration was extra special".

Credo Care would like to thank all attendees for making it a day to remember.