Response to War in the Ukraine

With so many good causes and charities desperately raising funds to assist with those suffering because of the war in Ukraine, the Directors of Credo Care have chosen to support charitable endeavours to assist the plight of refugees who have crossed from the Ukraine into the small country of Moldova, with a donation of £5,000 (Five thousand Pounds).

With over 100,000 people already across the border and more arriving daily this exodus doesn’t have as much coverage in the press as the wonderful efforts in Poland, Romania and Ukraine’s other neighbouring states.

The Order of St George, an international organisation with which our Chairman, Damien Mead, is associated, issued an appeal in support of a small UK registered Charity called ChildAid to Eastern Europe which is working closely with the authorities in Moldova to provide what assistance they can, particularly offering support for children coming over who are living with disabilities, which, as with Credo Care, is their core expertise.

ChildAid’s own centres have been converted into accommodation for refugees – and even some children whom ChildAid normally support, are offering to help the newly arrived Ukrainian refugees.

They are helping support the needs of refugees including:

  • helping families who have opened their homes to refugees
  • parcels of food and clothing
  • sanitary and personal hygiene packs
  • bedding
  • help with transport to safer areas
  • starting to address psychological trauma


Anyone wishing to contribute to this cause may do so via the following website: 

Ukraine Emergency Appeal | Order of St. George (