Read Credo Care's Outstanding Ofsted Report!

Credo Care are very proud and excited to announce that following our recent Ofsted Inspection on the 14th -18th August, we have been awarded an Outstanding rating in all areas!

We have been extremely busy working to continually improve our service following our recommendations from our 'Good' 2014 report and with our carer and child lead developments to the agency we were able to show our inspector how far we have all come. The outstanding, loving foster care that all of our foster carers provide really shone through and the inspector remarked at how impressed he was at carers attitudes to safeguarding and promoting opportunities for their children. All staff, carers and support workers were recognised for being highly committed to the Credo Care ethos and the overall family feel.

Thank you to everyone who fosters, works with and is part of Credo Care - this fantastic result is a wonderful reflection of all the hard work and love you all put in every single day!

The summarised reasons for the Outstanding judgement were as follows:

  • Exceptional matching practices have allowed children with complex needs to live in stable placements with carers who are committed to their long-term care.
  • Carers provide nurturing, loving homes to the children, accepting them into their family and consistently meeting their needs to a high standard.
  • The views of the children are highly valued. The agency ensures that even those who are non-verbal have an opportunity to express themselves. Advocates are often allocated for the children.
  • he children consistently make good progress that is celebrated by the agency.
  • The agency has developed a culture in which protecting the children is high priority. Safeguarding training is current and individualised to children’s needs. Incidents in which the children are at risk very rarely occur.
  • Recruitment procedures for the carers and the staff are robust. Any concern about foster carers’ ability is promptly reviewed at panel.
  • The leadership and management of the agency are extremely stable and experienced. The leader’s efforts to improve the agency since the last inspection have been successful through effective planning and management.
  • The agency has established a reputation among professionals as being highly effective in understanding, communicating and meeting the complex needs of the children placed.
  • All staff and carers are committed to the ethos of the agency. They feel valued and supported, and the agency emanates a family atmosphere.

Read the full report here.