A Dream for PC Martin

Credo Care has delivered another success in its Dream Making initiative for children placed with the disability fostering agency’s specialist carers.

14-year-old Martin has Joubert Syndrome, a brain development disorder that inhibits his kidney function, balance and coordination, and causes developmental delays and seizures.

Martin poses in front of Hastings Police Station

Martin, who lives with carer Leah in Hastings, is fascinated with the emergency services, but especially the police force. He enjoys interacting with police officers, seeing police cars whizzing by with their sirens on, and (his favourite) watching Police Interceptors on television.

Leah and Naomi with PC Martin

Credo Care reached out to Sussex Police hoping to surprise Martin with a special day with the team at Hastings Police Station.

And on Friday 12th April, Martin donned full police regalia and was taken for a cruise in a patrol car, part of a day hosted by Sergeant Joanne Seabridge and her colleagues at the Hastings station.

On his arrival, Sergeant Seabridge took Martin’s fingerprint, pressing the print onto a souvenir bookmark for him to take home.

Martin and Leah were invited for a tour of the police station and were introduced to the teams in residence: Prevention, Response, Investigations, and Missing Persons.

To Martin’s delight, he was able to try on a full police uniform before exploring the patrol cars and prison van on site. The Road Policing Unit stopped by to show Martin their high-speed BMW.

One police officer kindly offered to take Martin and Leah for a drive, and the group zoomed around seaside town Hastings in a Ford Mondeo patrol car. Once again, Martin was thrilled to turn on the blue lights, this time with accompanying sirens.

Martin in the Police Car

As part of an Easter-themed ceremony, Martin was asked to present a member of the Investigations team with an award for being a “Good Egg” and an accompanying chocolate egg.

Martin then received his own award: An East Sussex Divisional Commendation from Divisional Commander Jason Taylor, given for completing his time with the team at Hastings Police Station with fantastic enthusiasm. The team also gifted Sussex Police-branded items (and an Easter egg of his own) to Martin as he was leaving.

Martin getting a Police Outfit

Police Sergeant Joanne Seabridge, of the Prevention team, jumped at the chance to host Martin for the day:

“It has been wonderful meeting Martin and giving him a day to remember. Everyone who met him commented on how lovely he was, and his smile was infectious. It’s so positive to show that we are approachable; we want children and young people to feel that they can talk to the police. I have been a police officer for 10 years and dreamed of being in the police as a child, so I’m happy to give Martin an opportunity I would have loved when I was younger: dressing up in the uniform and getting to take a drive in a police car.”

The Dream Making project aims to discover the dreams, interests, and wishes of Credo’s children in care (and their wider families) and use this information to reach out to anyone who can make these dreams come true.

Naomi is thrilled to have delivered another dream for the initiative:

“Martin is an incredible young man who has a fantastic sense of humour and can reduce a room to a fit of giggles. In the nearly six years Leah has cared for Martin, she has helped bring about huge improvements in his health, communicative abilities, and skills for independence. It is such a joy and an honour to be able to make a day like this happen for Martin and Leah. I can’t thank Sergeant Seabridge and her team enough for helping to make these memories for Martin to treasure forever.”

Martin's Certificate

Note: Martin and his placing local authority have given full consent for this story and pictures to be published.

If you would like more information about this event or to learn more about Credo Care’s Dream Making initiative, please:

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