Dream ‘Delivered’ for Toddler with Medical Needs

Royal Mail generosity helps Credo Care to deliver dream for postman-mad three-year-old with high medical needs.

H sorts a large package in the mailroom!

Credo Care has fulfilled a dream for a toddler fascinated by the postal services; from the bright red boxes and vans to postal workers themselves.

Three-year-old H, who has a developmental delay and high medical needs including a tracheostomy (an artificial opening into the windpipe that is held open by a tube, which helps him to breathe more easily but inhibits his verbal communicative ability), lives with his carers Ant and Jinny in East Sussex.

Ant and Jinny got in touch with Credo Care’s Dream Maker, Naomi, to tell her of H’s obsession with all things post-related, including a vivid description of his favourite post-box.

So, Naomi reached out to the Royal Mail team based at Bexhill Delivery Office, led by manager Gary Webb, who was eager to put something together for H.

And on Wednesday 19th June, H and Ant arrived at the delivery office. H was more than ready for his day; he arrived wearing the replica Royal Mail uniform provided by Charity and Community Champion Tim Hyde, based at the Medway Sorting Office.

H's specially-made Postman's uniform

The miniature version of the uniform included shorts and a branded polo shirt and hi-vis jacket. The outfit was completed with a Royal Mail-branded fleece and woolly hat; to H’s disappointment the day was far too warm to add these to his ensemble.

H's favourite postbox

Manager Gary Webb greeted H on arrival, supplying him with a personalised lanyard and ID badge for the day and to keep.

H and Ant were shown in via the callers’ counter and given a tour of the package-sorting area. They were kindly welcomed by the team at the adjacent Post Office, where H witnessed counter staff assisting customers.

The pair were given a tour of the sorting office. H was even shown where post for his foster carers’ house is sorted (and they got a sneaky glimpse of what post they could expect the following day).

H tours the sorting office.

When H rounded the corner, he was in for a surpise; three friends had come especially to visit him: Postman Pat, Lenny the Letter, and the Royal Mail Minion. H greeted them with high-fives and hugs.

H Hi-5s Lenny the Letter, Postman Pat and the Royal Mail Minion!

H ordered Postman Pat to work sorting the letters and Pat swiftly obliged, which H found hilarious.

H directing Postman Pat to get to work!

Elsewhere in the sorting room, a postal worker was loading letters and packages onto his trolley. So, H volunteered to assist him with this.

H loads the postal trolley.

Manager Gary asked H if he’d like to empty a real post-box and H responded enthusiastically. Gary offered to show him the upstairs offices and training suites, so H could watch a training video on how to properly empty a post-box. H signed “More!” when the first video ended, so on went another.

Now equipped with Royal Mail-standard knowledge on post box-clearing procedures, the group headed to the brick-red box outside the delivery office. H had brought with him a letter and drawing to post to himself. He popped this in the post-box and grinned as he heard it drop. He then helped Gary to unlock the door, empty the post into a sack, and secure the door again afterwards.

H posts a letter at his favourite postbox, open it with Gary's key, and unloads the postbox

H helped Gary to lug the post sack, full of letters and small packages, back into the sorting office and onto a trolley, ready to load onto a delivery truck.

H loads the delivery truck, ready to go back to the sorting office.

While the group waited for the truck’s arrival, Gary, Tim and the team had another surprise for H: a number of presents, wrapped in brown paper and addressed to H via ‘Special Delivery’.

H opens a surprise gift from the team!

The gifts included a Postman Pat plush (which was almost as big as H) with an accompany Jess the Cat teddy; a selection of Postman Pat DVDs; and (H’s favourite) a Postman Pat van complete with Pat and Jess figures. He asked carer Ant to open the van first, so he could try it out straightaway.

Harvey receives his new Jess the Cat toy, keen to get to playing!

The group headed out to the yard to meet the arriving delivery lorry. They watched the driver load onto it trollies of post from Bexhill, including H’s letter, to take to the sorting office at Medway.

H watching the driver of the Royal Mail loading at the end of the day!

Instrumental in arranging the day and delivering H’s dream was the Royal Mail Bexhill Delivery Office’s Manager Gary Webb. He was delighted to deliver the experience for H:

“It was such a pleasure. I am so happy I could be part of his day.”

Carers Ant and Jinny were thrilled on H’s behalf:

“The day was super amazing. It really was H’s dream come true! He thoroughly enjoyed it and we’re sure he will remember this forever.”

The fantastic team for the day. See H keen to get back in the Royal Mail van.

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