Credo Carer Steering Groups

Credo Care's first steering group was held at the Midlands Office this month, and we've learned some valuable lessons from carers in attendance. 

We introduced the Credo Carers Steering Groups following positive feedback we receive from our annual management roadshows (wherein members of the Management Team at Credo Care present to carers about the goings on in the agency and the world of Fostering), and found it apparent that all of our carers value the opportunities to meet and discuss their ideas about the service with key decision makers across Credo Care.

The local forum is an opportunity to meet the Managing Director, Neil, our Director of Care and Business Development, Roy, and your local Fostering Manager. These are Greg in the south, and Nikki in the midlands.

From our first session at the midlands office, we think we had a very successful day! The steering group was well attended and had a very positive and atmosphere. There was lively open discussion about the collective strengths of the agency, the valuable administrative support from the admin team, and new ideas and potential improvements were suggested. These will all be very useful in forward planning.

Managing Director, Neil said: 

"I think that across the board, the group agreed that the meeting was very useful and I am looking forward to continuing our meetings every 4 months. All the ideas discussed have been eye-opening and very positive, and actions have already been fed through the agency. I will also be incorporating these into our business plan as we continue to develop and grow together."

The next steering group will be held in the South region in Summer, and we encourage as many of our carers to attend if possible!