Credo Care Beaumont Grainger Awards 2016

It's been 10 years since we established the Beaumont-Grainger Award to recognise excellence in foster care for children with disabilities and complex medical needs. The award is given in memory and appreciation of two of our original foster carers, Carol Beaumont and Tony Grainger,. The very worthy winners of our 2016 awards were presented at the Carer's Christmas Lunches in both regions.

Foster Carer Awards


South: Anthony & Janine

Anthony & Jinny's placement has involved them travelling to Oxford 3-4 times per week to meet his 24 hour care needs, and then went on to meet him every day once he had been transferred to Brighton. Their support of him is exemplary in every aspect of his life, and have involved their own skills, and their liasing with external professionals to provide the utmost level of care. Since day 1, they have been using makaton signing techniques to encourage his learning and communicating, and he consistently looks to the two of them for cues. Anthony & Jinny's son has also welcomed the placement with a very open heart - he describes him as the "Best Baby Brother Ever!".

Everyone who has met Ant, Jinny and their family agrees that this little boy has a great future ahead of him, and we're very proud of their achievments.


Midlands: Wendy & James

Wendy & James have been Foster Carers with Credo Care for over 6 years now, and have consistently demonstrated a very high level of care and commitement to their child in care. They have a holistic approach to his complex care nees, and his progress with Wendy & James has exceeded far beyond all professionals' expectations. James & Wendy also contribute highly to Credo Care's service development, particularly through Wendy's mentoring role to other carers. They have a brilliant working relationship with all Credo Staff and other carers, and we're extremely happy to recognise their achievements in this award.


Support Worker Awards


South: Lianne

Liane has been an exemplary support worker this year, providing short-notice sessions and respite when needed, even travelling long distances. She has worked with a large range of needs, including children with physical disabilities or those with challenging behaviours. She has also stayed with children in hospital to support them overnight. We're extremely proud to have Lianne in the Credo Family.


Midlands: Martin

Martin began as a freelance support worker for Credo Care in 2015, and since this time has provided excellent support to a number of children in his area, in some cases at very short notice. He has been instrumental in promoting independence skills for a young person approaching 18, and has also provided respite care in carers' homes. He always receieves excellent feedback regarding his support and detailed reports and has an extremely good rapport with all children. He is an extremely great asset to Credo Care.


External Professional Awards


South: Nikki, Paediatric Outreach Nurse Practitioner

Nikki has been highly involved with Anthony & Janine's placement this year, and has been extremely enthusiastic, empathetic and supportive to the work we do at Credo Care. The carers have reported that they felt listened to by Nikki at every step of the journey. She made sure that they had all the training that would be necessary for their placement and mixes her professionalism with genuine kindess and drive to see everyone to succeed in any role. On more than one occassion, she attended meetings on her days off to support our carers, and also took time on her days off to say goodbye to the little boy as he moved into their home. Nikki is a pleasure to work with; we thank her profusely, and look forward to opportunities to work with Nikki and her team in Brighton in the future.



Midlands: Sharon, Independent Social Worker

Sharon has been working with Credo Care since 2011, in a very wide range of roles. As an ISW she has extensive knowledge of fostering, adoption & disability. Sharon currently a Form F assessor for carers to be approved, and her work is always of an excellent standard - thorough, in-depth and she has seen a number of successful applicant through to approval with the agency in this time. She has always gone the extra mile with Credo Care, stepping in to support the Midlands team at the drop of a hat, also being involved in helping us to recruit more Independent Assessors. The Midlands team are veyr proud and keen to continue to work with Sharon in the future.


Staff Awards


Kate Green, Office Manager - Midlands

Kate has been invaluable to the team this year, providing excellent administration and organisational skills to keep the entire Midlands team ticking. In particular she was the mastermind behind the Midlands Office move this year, being so efficient that the team were ready to go from the very first morning! She also has put in an amazing amount of work updating all Credo Care policies and procedures which is by no mean feat. Thank you Kate!


Years of Service Awards


South: Andrea & Martin, Foster Carers - 5 Years


South: Caroline, Support Worker - 10 Years

We also extend our many thanks to Dennis & Carol, who now look forward to their retirement after 5 years as Support Workers for Credo Care.


We all had a fantastic time at the Christmas Meals, and we hope that you did too. All our award winners are very much deserving, but the awards cannot begin to scratch the surface of all the amazing work that the Credo family does. 


We're all very proud of all of your achievements and we're looking forward to a very successful 2017.


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