From the Chairman of Credo Care.

COVID-19 Crisis
Credo Care’s first priority is, as ever, being fully committed to the well being and safe guarding of the children in our care, our foster carers - and their families - our staff and all the very many external professionals and support staff we work with, in the provision of our service. Following the latest advice from the Government we have issued guidance to all those associated with our agency.  We will be reviewing this regularly to update it.  However, I also encourage everyone to visit regularly the Government’s own website which carries the most up to date information and guidance relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) -
(Rather than simply relying upon newspapers, social media or other online sources or the TV).
Credo Care staff who can work from home are now doing so. Our phone system, email communications and the day to day operation of the business will continue as usual - with home working already long and well established for our social workers and some of our administrators.  We do not foresee any disruption or difficulties. Richard Powell, our Managing Director, has communicated further information internally to our carers and staff, and is available to answer their questions.
Obviously some adjustments may need to be made as and when new developments emerge and we will respond to these with as much flexibility as we are able in making sure we continue in our work and service. We appreciate and thank all our carers and staff for their own commitment and cooperation in this fast changing crisis.
Credo Care has always worked closely with healthcare professionals, and has nothing but admiration for the dedication shown by so many in that sector. In response to the present crisis there are no words to adequately express our gratitude or how deep our admiration has grown, for the incredible hard work being done by all in the National Health Service and among the emergency services, in their response to this Pandemic.
With my sincere hope, and my prayers, that you all remain safe and well.
The Right Reverend Damien Mead - Chairman.