Celebrating Andrew and David's 15th year as Credo Care Foster Carers

The 15th August marked a very special day for Credo Care, as it has been 15 years since David Upjohn and Andrew Daniels were approved as our first disability specialist foster carers. David and Andrew are extremely accomplished foster carers, providing outstanding long term care to 7 children and young people, all of whom have flourished and exceeded all expectations. David and Andrew continue to support these young adults post-placement showing amazing commitment to the children they have welcomed into their home. Recounting many children that David and Andrew's have given a home to over the years, the Directors with other carers and staff in attendance at the South office, presented Andrew (apologies to David who could not attend!) with flowers to thank them for their commitment to foster care. We all look forward to presenting their 15 years of service award at the Christmas meals 2017.

David and Andrew are no strangers to stardom, featuring in many of our media, appearing in an article in the guardian, and even a spot on BBC South East.


Read Andrew and David's feature on the Guardian here: