Beaumont Grainger & Excellence in Care Award Winners 2018

The Beaumont Grainger Award to recognise excellence in foster care for children with disabilities and complex medical needs is given in memory and appreciation of two of our original foster carers, Carol Beaumont and Tony Grainger. 

Foster Carer Awards

South: Stewart O'Donnell - Kent

Stewart with the award!

As a single carer, Stewart has been fostering for over 10 years, over which he has provided a loving home to two very challenging young people with complex needs. His current placement started when the child was 6 years old, and Stewart's commitment has never wavered. He provides security, consistency and advocacy for the young man and makes sure he is fully included in social events and activities.

Midlands: Lee Anderton & Jacqui Bryan - Worcestershire

Lee and Jacqui with the award!

Lee and Jacqui are fantastic mentor carers, while fostering two children of their own, each with a high level and vareity of needs. At home, they have converted a whole room to a 'Sensory Space', sharing tips and advice for other carers to do the same! They are well-respected carers and are keen to get involved with anything asked of them.

East: Emma & Jon Hall - Norfolk

Emma with the award!

Emma and Jon have been providing Outstanding therapeutic care to two challenging siblings and takes it all in her stride. Their two fostered children are at the centre of the everything that they do and they are exemplary foster carers. Despite the potential of care plans to seperate the two, Emma in particular has advocated successfully on their behalf for them to remain together. Emma povides an essential lifeline and support to two other foster carers in her area, taking on an informal mentorship.


Support Worker Awards


South: Jo Jedrek

Jo with the award!

Jo has been an essential lifeline to the family she supports for many years, providing exceptional care for the children and young adults at their home. She is highly knowledgeable and available to the family, dropping everything to support them in emergency situations. She attends the home every day and is highly valued by both the carers and the young people.

Midlands: Caroline Askoul

Caroline has been dedicated Support Worker for a family for over 10 years, providing essential support and respite which has enabled a fantastic long term home for a young man. She is keen to maintain her perfect training record and has made herself available in emergency situations to provide support to families some distance away.

East: Teri Page

Teri with the award!

Teri is an outstanding support worker for a family fostering a young boy with extremely challenging medical needs, requiring intense and constant supervision and engagement. She has supported this child both at home and in the community, including medical appointments and social events. She is even known and recognised for her input by the birth parents of the child. She goes above and beyond for her role and has a special relationship with the child she supports.

External Professional Awards

South: Claire Osborn - Independent Social Worker

Claire with the award!

Claire is supportive and understanding of families that foster and has gone the extra mile in terms of ensuring that carers feel supported and placements can succeed. Claire has produced professional, well informed and clear Form F assessments, is a valued facilitator on the Skills to Foster course and a reviewing officer for foster carers reviews. When approaching Claire for specific pieces of work she is always well organised and realistic about what she can cover. We really value her support and commitment to our work at Credo Care.


Midlands: Christina Darbyshire-Jones, Local Authority Social Worker

Christina has put in an Outstanding amount of effort in facilitating the placements of a few children this year, spending long days travelling across country and many sleepless nights. Since the placement, she has remained approachable to both Credo Care staff and foster carers.

East: Helen Humphrey, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Helen has been closely involved with a young man with complex needs who has spent a lot fo time in hospital due to his health, and both foster carers and other professionals has benefitted greatly from her in-depth and timely health reports that she provides. The level of care that she has provided has been outstanding.

Staff Award

Tyler Oiller - Regional Administrator

Tyler with the award!

'Every Office needs a Tyler!'

Tyler has been nominated by multiple staff members and foster carers for his dependable and approachable nature. He has quickly become an integral member of the team, unflustered by daily tasks and very happy to assist the team in anything that's needed.

Years of Service

15 Years of Service

Foster Carers: Christine & Stephen Hopkins - Lincolnshire


10 Years of Service

Foster Carers: Julie & Robin Nixon - Kent

Stewart O'Donnell - Kent

Tazbila Shafi and Mohammad Tayyab - West Midlands

Taz and Tayyab with the award!

Staff Member: Sarah Collier - Supervising Social Worker

Sarh with the award!


5 Years of Service

Foster Carers: Nicola Dark - Essex

Lianne Ketley - Kent


Support Workers: Annette Sibbons

Tina Richards