Beaumont Grainger Award Winners 2017

The Beaumont Grainger Award to recognise excellence in foster care for children with disabilities and complex medical needs is given in memory and appreciation of two of our original foster carers, Carol Beaumont and Tony Grainger. We're looking forward to granting our inaugural Credo Care East Awards next year!

Foster Carer Awards

South: Sue Buckley - Hertfordshire 

Sue was acknowledge for her highly professional and positive outlook over what has been a difficult year. Sue looked after a young girl, K, who had a limited life expectancy and throughout her placement and short life provided her an environment of dignity, humility and the utmost of care. K passed away at the beginning of 2017 with Sue in their local hospice, but this did not stop Sue from immediately wanted to continue providing her excellent service to other children in care with complex health needs. She is a model foster carer, and a fantastic friend, colleague and mother to her own children.

Midlands: Carl Hall and Sarah Taylor - Staffordshire








Carl and Sarah both do fantastically with their placement of T and her complex medical needs are consistently met to a fantastic standard. On top of this, Carl and Sarah do not let T miss out on any activities that their own children take part in taking account of all potential risks and accomodating in a professional manner. An example of this is T being able to use a bouncy castle - Carl taking her on on whilst keeping her ventilator safe and secure! When T was placed, it was unsure whether she would never have a safe-swallow, but through always involving T at mealtimes and giving her the choice and ability to communicate her wishes, T has eaten a variety of foods and recently finishd off a whole jar of baby food! Both carers are also extremely keen to share their learning with other carers and staff at Credo Care, and are always closely involved in Service Development attending Support Groups and getting involved through the Credo People newsletter. Sarah also now provides medical support and advice for Credo Care Midlands families as an Independent Nurse.


Support Worker Awards

South: Karen Jarvis










Karen has been invaluable to the families she's supported, both in her support of the children in their care, but also the advice and emotional support she gives to the foster carers. She always goes out of her way to cover the hours theat they needs, sometimes coming straight from a full day of training or sessional hours with outher children. The children she supports love seeing Karen and will always have a big smile on their face when she arrives. Karen has also been extremly timely in completing her admin and training part of her fole, and always makes herself available to complete anything required of her.

Midlands: Kelly Webb











Kelly has had a journey throughout her time with Credo Care, supporting a number of children in the Midlands region whilst waiting for the training required to help support a child with complex health needs in her local area. She has a fantastic positive outlook and we're extremly happy that Kelly has continued to work with over these long waits for her skills and training to be signed off. She does fantastic work with all the children she supports and is immensely appreciated by all her colleagues and should be recognised for the extremly hard work she has put in to get to the level of care that she demonstrates every day with Credo Care children.

External Professional Awards

South: Dr. Dionysios Grigoratos - Consultant Paediatrician










Dr. Grigoratos has been nominated by Kelly and Mark from East Sussex for his involvement with their placement L since he was only 6 months of age. Dr Grigoratos has been consistently in contact with both Kelly and L's birth parents to check and often keeps in contact to answer questions late at night or when when off work himself.

Midlands: Dr. Martin Samuels - Consultant Paediatrician







Dr. Samuels has been nominated by Carl and Sarah from Staffordshire for his extremely appreciated working relationship with T's foster carers and his involvement in the care of T. He is always quick in respnding to Carl and Sarah when they have questions, and will always ask their opinions when giving them advice. Without Dr. Samuels being involved there would definitely be an impact of T's health. 

Staff Award

Sophie McDowell - Learning Coordinator









The Training Service for Credo Care in 2017 has been no less than fantastic, and this is has only been acheiveable by the extrely hard work and effort that Sophie has put in this year to meet requests for training, keeping everyone up-to-date, and being adaptable to find the best possible and accomodating courses throughout the year. Sophie has been extremly approachable, a force of positivity and extremely fun colleague to work with and we all agree fully that Sophie is highly deserving of our staff award this year.

Rachael Gosbee, Administration Team Leader, was also recongised for alll her brilliant work this year, remaining an integral part of Credo Care, her contributions being a massive part of our oustanding administrative practices!

Years of Service

15 Years of Service

Foster Carers: David Upjohn and Andrew Daniels - East Sussex









10 Years of Service

Foster Carers: Serena and Doug Nolan - Surrey

Support Worker: Natalie Vickers - Kent









5 Years of Service

Foster Carers: Lea and Andy Neaves - Kent









Foster Carers: Margot and Steve Vince - Worcestershire









Support Worker: Lauren Ketley - Kent (7 years)








Support Worker: Susie Goodbody - Surrey (6 years)

Support Worker: Naomi Nixon - Kent








Support Worker: Jo Jedrek - East Sussex








Support Worker: James Shaw - Warwickshire

Support Worker: Heidi Fearnall - Worcestershire